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My name is Montserrat Mancilla

Hey there! I am Montserrat, a Guatemalan documentary filmmaker and writer. My interest in documentary filmmaking started with a simple school project back in my BA, and now it's the craft that I am trying to master. In non-fiction there is this opportunity to connect with the world, as cheesy as it sounds; but I have met people I would have never met otherwise, beautiful encounters that helped me grow as a person and filmmaker, Documentary has brought me out of my cocoon, and taught me a lot about the beauty and complexity of what seems mundane and normal.


I graduated from Universidad del Istmo in Communication, while at the same time doing a technical career in Fiction film on Casa Comal. Now I have spent 2 years making films in Lisbon, Budapest, and Brussels, as part of the DocNomads program. 


My documentary work has mostly focused on the experience and perception of a "distance", either through the physical, cultural, historical, or language and particularly through the experience of women. Though observational is an amazing tool, I have an interest in using more fictional and experimental mechanisms to help the story come to life. For the years to come I hope I can learn and work in many types of documentaries, exploring different styles of storytelling and subjects. 

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