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Project co-financed with funds from Creative Europe and A-PLACE Linking Places Through Networked Artistic Practices programme.

"This documentary provides insight into the experience of immigrating through the lens of two queer refugees, who are each in different stages of this process in Brussels. Through a collective creation method, the immigrants get to choose how to tell their story. This documentary delves into each step of the immigration process, as well as how the queer immigrants carve out their space in the urban landscape they find themselves in. By narrating, sharing, and shedding light on their origins, they can make themselves, their identities, and their stories visible, allowing them to establish their own sense of belonging derived from a unique set of experiences."---LOOP FAIR



The Archipel Consort: Clémence Schiltz, Barbara Hünninger, and Rebecca Lefèvre, got together to interpret:


  • John Hingston Fantasia from Suite No. 2

  • Henry Purcell Fantazia III

Enjoy the wonderful interpretation by these three great musicians.


Multimedia show by Philomena Collective


Pulsions offer a journey through memories of the past, embodied in music, dance
and in the image the loss and the dissolution of the loss in the continuous pulsation of the world.

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